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Mathias Boissonot

Episode 011

Business Growth + Science-Based Positive Impact

How to Create a Viral Customer Experience

that Makes a Positive Regenerative Impact...

Impact You Can Trust

For the Companies:

What if your company could...

  • make engaging in climate action profitable?

  • make regenerative sustainability your competitive advantage?

  • create a viral customer experience that makes a positive regenerative Impact?

  • become a part of the new regenerative economy by integrating planet-positive actions into business activities in a profitable and seamless way?

For the Regenerative NGOs:

What if your Impact Projects could get access to a global network of sponsors?

In this Eco Scale Radio episode Mathias Boissonot describes how his company Handprint helps impact entrepreneurs and regenerative NGOs do all this and much more.

Handprint is the sum of your positive impact.

Footprint is the sum of your negative impact.

Louise Goode

Manuel Brunner

Episode 010

What is the Impact of Plastics on Human Health?

Plastic is everywhere.

It’s almost impossible to live your life without plastic these days.

Our society has become dependent on plastic in all aspects of life, including: household goods, food processing, packaging, personal care products, and medical applications.

More than 13,000 chemicals are used to make plastics.

Over 350 million metric tons of plastic waste are discarded annually.

The widespread presence of plastics and their degradation products in the environment leads to inevitable exposure through the food we eat and the air we breathe.

This exposure to plastic chemicals carries various health risks, particularly due to the chemical composition of plastics and their ability to disrupt biological processes.

A team of scientists at the Minderoo Foundation in Australia (in collaboration with Australian research institutes) asked two powerful questions:

  • What is the impact of plastics on human health?

  • How can we innovate safer plastic alternatives?

The team recently spent 3 years screening more than 100,000 papers to find studies on plastic getting into the human body and how it could be harming our health.

After doing this screening, they came up with 3,500 primary studies on plastic health from 1960 to 2022.

These finding have been used to create the first-of-its-kind interactive Plastic Health Map, which maps the existing research on the effects of plastic chemicals on human health.

The Plastic Health Map is also a tool that can help us develop safer plastic alternatives and help us transition to a world where plastic is more sustainable, safer, and free of toxic chemicals.

In this Eco Scale Radio episode I have the good fortune of interviewing Louise Goode and Manuel Brunner from the Minderoo Foundation.

Louise is the Principal Researcher at Minderoo Foundation.

She is involved in research into the impact of plastics on human health at the Minderoo Foundation.

She’s like the research wrangler who helps her team make this Map a reality.

Manuel is a chemist with a PhD from the University of Western Australia. In his role as Principal, Chemistry and Research at the Minderoo Foundation, he explores how we can create a sustainable chemical and plastics industry.

In this conversation they describe the Plastic Health Map and the challenges of innovating plastic alternatives... and much more.

After you hear this podcast interview,

you will never see plastic the same way again.

Jorge Lopez-Doriga

Episode 009

The Natural Revolution: AMAYU,

Superfruits that Protect Forests

In this episode of Eco Scale Radio we talk with Jorge Lopez-Doriga, the Chief Communication and Sustainability Officer for a global beverage company called AMAYU, with headquarters in Peru.

By the way, Jorge is also a Zen teacher of the Zen River monastery in Holland. Jorge runs the Zen River centers in Lima and Madrid.

In this interview you’ll see how Zen influences his work at AMAYU.

AMAYU is a global beverage company that uses wild Amazonian superfruits to:

  • protect primary forests and biodivesity

  • empower indigenous communities around the world.

AMAYU’s mission is to

“return to Mother Earth all that Mother Earth has given to us.”

AMAYU is creating sustainable value chains in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Thailand, working directly with indigenous communities, and helping to preserve hundreds of thousands of hectares of pristine amazonian forest.

AMAYU works with land that covers over 8 million hectares.

The land where they collect fruit, is 200,000 hectares.

AMAYU works with 25 indigenous communities.

500 families benefit from this collaboration."

AMAYU is the

World’s First Certified Climate Positive Fruit Juice.

Dan Sherrard-Smith

Episode 008

The Biggest Secret Your Banks

Don't Want You to Know About

How green is the money in your savings and investments?

Does the money in your bank account have an impact on climate change?

On pollution?

On diversity in the workplace?

On biodiversity?

On Clean Energy?

On Big Pharma?

On Big Tobacco?

Surprise the money in your bank account is NOT neutral, it has a footprint.

Until now only banks chose where and how your money was used.

But now the choice is yours.

Choosing a greener way to save could be the biggest change you can make to address global inequality and climate change.

You now have the power to fund the future you want, such as Climate Restoration, Ecosystem Regeneration, Clean Energy, etc.

“The money we have going into our banks is the biggest leaver we have to create a healthy vibrant world.”

– Dan Sherrard-Smith

“Your current bank account and pension (retirement fund) could be having double the carbon impact of going vegan, quitting flying and choosing the bike over the car, COMBINED.”

– MotherTree

Listen to this interview and discover how you can use your finances to support positive causes that align with your values.

Vaughn Tan

Episode 007

Innovation Secrets:

How to Create New Solutions,

Flourish In Uncertainty, and

Reduce Wasted Effort

In this conversation with Vaughn Tan, you’ll discover how the most effective and innovative teams in the world come up with new ideas, new
ways of doing things, and new ways of thinking by strategically working WITH Uncertainty and using a few design principles.

Entrepreneurs and those involved with creating countless innovative
solutions for climate restoration and ecosystem regeneration must deal with risk and uncertainty.

But let me ask you this…

Do you know the difference between Risk and Uncertainty?

Are they the same? Do you treat them the same?

If you don’t know the difference between Risk and Uncertainty and you are in charge of creating innovative solutions to address Risky and Uncertain situations then you may end up using the wrong tools and end up wasting valuable time, money, and resources.

This is especially true when creating innovative solutions in the world of climate change, sustainability, and regeneration.

Innovative people and teams know how to embrace uncertainty and use it to create innovative solutions. You can too, if you use the strategies we discuss in this interview with Vaughn Tan.

Do you know how to be Productive in Uncertainty?

What tools should you use for a Risk situation?

What tools should you use for an Uncertain situation?

We cover all this and much more in our conversation with Vaughn Tan.

Jeremy Sampson

Episode 006

"Business as Usual" is

No Longer Viable in Travel and Tourism

Jeremy Sampson is using his skills as a Nudge-Meister and a Cat Wrangler to change the world of travel and tourism.

Jeremy is a globally recognized leader and alliance builder, advocating for systems change aimed at improving the impact of the travel and tourism sector on communities and the climate crisis.

In his current role as CEO of nonprofit The Travel Foundation, Jeremy oversees a global team which has transformed the agenda-setting organization into the leading independent international NGO in the tourism sector.

As CEO of The Travel Foundation he strives to maximize the benefits of tourism for people and nature.

For Jeremy, Business as Usual is no longer viable in travel and tourism.

“I want the industry to thrive in a new way.” – Jeremy Sampson

At The Travel Foundation, Jeremy oversees initiatives to minimize tourism's environmental and social impacts while benefiting host communities.

Carlos Terol

Episode 005

We Have the Power to Create Positive Change

Carlos Terol discusses the need for changemakers to connect and collaborate on a whole new level.

Changemakers who are ready to tackle the world's most pressing issues, from poverty to climate change and inequalities need to break out of their silos and collaborate with a wide range a different people. Because everybody plays a role in creating positive changes. Researchers, teachers, politicians, entrepreneurs, marketers, public speakers, and more.

Carlos also describes a platform he is developing to help like-minded changemakers connect on a local and global level. This platform can help local changemakers connect and amplify their impact.

We also discuss the importance of mindset and framing a problem. And much much more.

Industrial Hemp Secrets: Opportunity

Episode 004

Industrial Hemp Secrets: Opportunity

Today we're digging into the immense potential of industrial hemp.

In this episode we describe:

  • The history of industrial hemp

  • The benefits of hemp

  • The many innovative ways of using hemp

  • 11 Reasons NOT to get into the Industrial Hemp Business

(including Challenges and obstacles entrepreneurs have to deal with)

  • 11 Reasons to get into the Industrial Hemp Business

  • (including Trends and Opportunities to take advantage of)

Are you ready to think outside the hemp box?

4 Core Reasons

Episode 003

4 Core Reasons I Created This Podcast

Why Did I Create the Eco Scale Radio podcast?

A podcast that explores the intersection of entrepreneurs, climate change, and regeneration.

I was motivated to create this podcast based on two quotes that kept reverberating in my mind and 4 core reasons.

For years grim reports have warned us of the impact of a tsunami headed our way. And for years we have waited for governments to do something about it. But virtually nothing has been done.

The grim reports about Climate Change and the lack of action makes me feel helplessness, hopelessness, and powerless.

I was tired of feeling hopeless and powerless.

I was tired of passively sitting on the sidelines waiting for others to do something.

So, I’ve decided to see what I can do.

This episode describes the 4 core reasons I created this podcast.

Rob de Laet

Episode 002

Cooling Climate Chaos

Rob is known as the guy who is busy cooling the planet.

After building a successful Eco-Tourism business, Rob sold the business and purchased a valley in a deforested portion of the Brazilian rainforest to focus on doing what he can to reverse Climate Change.

He lived in the rainforest for about 10 years focused on working with the Guajajara, an indigenous people in Brazil, to rewild, reforest, and regenerate that land. He also organized the planting of a million trees.

In this Eco Scale Radio episode, we discuss...

Peter Fiekowsky

Episode 001

Climate Restoration is

an Idea Whose Time has Come

How can two crowdfunded projects restore the climate and what can you do to help?

Listen to this episode to find out how an astrophysicist became a climate activist.

In this Eco Scale Radio episode, Peter Fiekowsky, an MIT-trained physicist, discusses his plans to restore the climate condition to a safe climate zone* by implementing two simple, powerful, practical, affordable, rowdfunded, and scientifically-grounded projects that work with nature.

You’ll also discover...

About Eco Scale Radio

Episode 000

About Eco Scale Radio (an Introduction)

Welcome to Eco Scale Radio.

If you are a business owner, this podcast is your invitation to do the impossible.

This podcast is your invitation to step up and make a difference in the Climate Change era.

This podcast is a gathering place for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, take bold action, and do what takes to help slow down and reverse the impact of Climate Change.

This podcast explores the intersection of entrepreneurs, climate change, and regeneration.

In this podcast we show entrepreneurs how to...

Jim Chats about

The 4 Reasons I Created This Podcast

Ep. 003 - The 4 Reasons I Created This Podcast

June 7, 2023

Under Construction. Will be Published Soon.

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