About Us

About Us

This Podcast Explores the Intersection of...


Climate Change, and Regeneration

The Sweet Spot for Taking Action

  • If the grim reports about Climate Change have you feeling helplessness, hopelessness, and powerless, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you are a business owner who is feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to respond to Climate Change and having difficulty navigating the Climate Change landscape, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you see Climate Change as an irresistible challenge and you want to use your business to provide solutions to Climate Change, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you offer products and services that can help mitigate Climate Change and adapt to Climate Change – in other words help reduce the pain and suffering Climate Change will bring, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you’re having difficulty scaling up your business so that you can expand your reach and help more people and help regenerate the environment, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you want to find out what other like-minded entrepreneurs are doing in response to Climate Change, you’ve come to the right place.

  • If you are a solution-focused entrepreneur who wants to make a difference and leave a positive legacy, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to Eco Scale Radio

If you are a business owner, this podcast is your invitation to do the impossible.

This podcast is your invitation to step up and make a difference.

In this podcast we show entrepreneurs how to navigate the Climate Change economy.

We explore what an entrepreneur can do to innovate, implement, and scale solutions to get us out of this Climate Change mess.

This podcast is a gathering place for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and do what takes to help slow down and reverse Climate Change.

This podcast is about providing sustainable strategies that help us:

  • Mitigate climate change

  • Adapt to climate change

  • Regenerate the environment

The goal is to implement solutions that will help this generation survive and future generations to thrive on this fast-changing beautiful planet.

About Jim Oliver

I am an investor, Business Mentor, Business Growth Strategist, Acquisition Advisor, Exit Valuation Multiplier, and Podcaster.

I help entrepreneurs Acquire, Grow, and Exit 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs

connect with like-minded souls and...

Do The Impossible...

...innovate, implement, and scale solutions that

Get Us Out of This Climate Change Mess.

What do I know about Climate Change?

I'm not a Climate Change Expert. I interview them.

What do I know about Regeneration or Restoration?
I'm not a Regeneration or Restoration Expert. I interview them.

What do I know about Marketing, Business Growth,
Acquisitions, and Exiting a Business?


What do I know about taking action,

finding answers, and tapping into my network

to find the right people

to help solve things I know nothing about?


I love an impossible challenge.

I am on a Quest to find and support

the people, places, and processes we need to

help us innovate, implement, and scale solutions

we need to slow down and hopefully

reverse Climate Change


Regenerate the environment.

You are invited to join me on this Quest...

This Impossible Quest


I am the founder of: ScaleYourBusinessNow.com and EcoScaleRadio.com

I’ve been a consultant in 10 different industries. Including consulting for a bank in the Philippines and consulting for a construction company in Afghanistan.

I have been the CMO of a brick-and-mortar business and an e-commerce business.

I’ve run my own digital marketing agency.

I currently live in Saint Louis, MO, USA.

In my free time I play Pickleball, sing sea shanties and ballads, practice Hunyuan Taiji & QiGong, and dance (Argentine Tango).

I am a former Peace Corps Volunteer and Hospice Volunteer.

I am a divergent-creative-thinking, problem-solving, idea guy with a high tolerance for ambiguity.

I love a creative challenge.

Basically, I am a Creative-Utility-Infielder-Generalist in a world full of specialists.

I'm a learning sponge who is extremely curious about many things.

I'm eager to reframe things and see them from multiple points of view .

My favorite definition of creativity is:

“Creativity is a two-step process.

Step 1: Collect dots.

Step 2: Filter and connect dots."

I prefer to think in terms of Questions in order to find new Answers that I can use to find and connect new and different dots.

If we keep asking the same old Questions, we’ll keep getting the same old Answers and that won't help us survive and thrive in these fast-changing times.

I believe in practicing business in the Fairness Zone.

If a deal cannot be done in the Zone of Fairness,

I won’t do it.

If the deal is not Win-Win, I won’t do it.

The focus is on trust, collaboration, and reputation.

I firmly believe: together we can do the impossible.

Together we can make a difference.


I bring a different perspective.

I show you how to think a little bit differently.

I help you unlock the potential that is sitting there already in your company.

I work with entrepreneurs who have a Growth and a Challenge mindset.

Where others see threat and setback, they see challenge and opportunity.

They are bold, unreasonably optimistic , purpose-driven, solution-focused, and challenge-driven.

For them pursuing a meaningful goal that others consider impossible, a goal with no clear path to success is the path they prefer.

They are the type of people who go into an uncharted forest with no map, explore that landscape, and come out of the forest with a map for others to follow.

I work with entrepreneurs who when the topic of Climate Change comes up, their first reaction is:

“Hell Yeah!

Challenge Accepted!

Let’s Go Accomplish the Impossible!

Let's Make a Difference!

Let’s do what it takes to Slow It Down and Reverse It.”

The Pivot

In these crazy uncertain times, I recently decided to make a career pivot.

I got fed up. When it comes to all things related to Climate Change, I was tired of feeling Powerless and Hopeless.

For me, taking the easy and dangerous path of Denial, Avoidance, and Going Numb Inside were no longer an option.

I was tired of Passively Sitting on the Sidelines waiting for others to do something.

I decided…

In the words of the musician Jose Feliciano, “The Time for Hesitation Through. No Time for Wallow in the Mire…”

The Time for Climate Action is Now.

Being brave, stepping into uncertainty, and leading is what was needed.

The Time for Climate Action is Now.

Avoidance is NOT the Answer.

I decided to see what I can do.

Instead of trying to hide and avoid the tsunami that’s headed our way, I decided to lean into it.

I pivoted into the tsunami headed our way.

And asked, “How can I help?” “What can I proactively do?”

I decided to step into the uncomfortable unknown and face the Biggest Challenge of Our Era…

I decided to dedicate my strengths, experience, skills, connections, and passions to exploring the intersection of entrepreneurs, Climate Change, and regeneration. With a focus on Action not just Talk.

As a result, I now help entrepreneurs do the impossible...use their business to innovate and implement solutions that can get us out of this Climate Change mess and regenerate the environment.

Avoidance is NOT the Answer.

Why Did I Start this Podcast?

I have 4 clear reasons for creating this podcast:

  • Restore Hope and Resilience

  • Create a Tribe

  • Fill the Gap

  • Focus on Engaging Stories Behind the Crisis

1 - Restore Hope and Resilience

The first reason is to restore hope and resilience.

These days everywhere you go you meet people, young and old, who look at the future with despair.

They have lost hope for the future because there is a huge Climate Change tsunami headed our way.

Their hope has been replaced with fear and dread.

I want this podcast to help keep hope alive even in the face all the challenges in front of us.

In the face of the many reasons to fear for our future, we can still choose hope.

Humans are very resilient that way.

If you are an entrepreneur who is tired of feeling hopeless and powerless when it comes to Climate Change, this podcast is for you.

Instead of sitting in your living room late at night having a pity party, you can listen to this podcast to get inspired to take the actions necessary to scale your business so you can:

  • provide more value to others.

  • innovate and implement more Climate Change solutions.

  • play your part to regenerate the environment.

We need countless Solution-Focused Entrepreneurs:

  • to step up as leaders and do the impossible.

  • to see Climate Change as a challenge and not just a threat.

  • to take action in spite of an uncertain future.

  • to implement solutions for the betterment of the environment and future generations.

...Even when there is no guarantee of success.

To do this, we need hope and resilience.

We are the Leaders We Need

to Get Us Through These Crazy Times.

We Were Born for These Times.

2 - Create a Tribe

The second reason I created this podcast is to create a tribe of like-minded, solution-focused entrepreneurs... leaders with a Challenge mindset.

A tribe full of leaders who are optimistic, purpose-driven, and motivated to do things that others consider impossible.

I want to create a tribe of courageous entrepreneurs who are willing to be brave and bold as they face a long list of very real and impossible challenges in front of us.

The interesting and inspiring people we interview on this podcast come from a variety of industries related to Climate Change, sustainability, business growth, and Regeneration.

Entrepreneurs who listen to this podcast can discover new possibilities, foster new partnerships, and create new synergies that will positively impact the climate, the environment, and future generations.

3 - Fill the Gap

The third reason I created this podcast is the fact that there is a Massive Gap between what Governments can do and what individuals can do about Climate Change.

Entrepreneurs can and must use their skills, networks, and resources to fill that massive gap.

This podcast can help entrepreneurs discover how they can fill that massive gap.

When a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs works together, they can innovate and implement solutions for Climate Change quicker and more efficiently.

As entrepreneurs, we need to collectively pool our strengths together and take action to create solutions that will reduce the pain and suffering that Climate Change will bring.

4 - Focus on Engaging Stories Behind the Crisis

The fourth reason I created this podcast is to focus on the stories behind the crisis not just the science and numbers.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the science and numbers.

Wherever possible in this podcast, we’ll use engaging stories to illustrate important points.

In a world filled with information overload, noise, and hype, stories can cut through the clutter, get the message across, and influence people.

Stories can inspire, teach, clarify, and mobilize.

Stories are contagious – they can spread like wildfire.

At times we’ll use stories, myths, folktales, proverbs, and quotes to help people get into an optimistic, growth mindset.

One person can make a difference.

As entrepreneurs we do NOT need to create one giant, world-wide, silver-bullet solution.

We do NOT need one solution to fix all the climate problems.

As Jack Kornfield has said, you just need to “Tend to the part of the garden that you can touch.”

We can create dramatic positive changes when we combine the efforts of countless entrepreneurs who are “tending to the part of the garden they can touch.”

Every little bit helps. Every act matters. These acts add up.

Dramatic change can happen when we combine all these small positive changes.

We just need to step up, use the skills and resources we have, and start throwing the starfish in front of us back into the ocean.

As Clarissa Pinkola Estes has said,

“We are the leaders we have been waiting for.

We Have Been Raised Since Childhood for These Times.”

Are We Wise Enough?

There’s a song called “Wise Enough” by a band called Lamb.

In that song are some wonderful lyrics that I firmly believe. For example:

  • “How precious is the time we have here.

  • Are we not wise enough?

  • But we have a chance to make a difference until our dying day.”

I believe we crazy courageous entrepreneurs are wise enough to step up as leaders and take the actions that are necessary to create climate solutions that will make a difference until our dying day.

One Person Can Make a Difference

If you’re like most people, I bet know what you’re thinking right about now.

You’re thinking:

"I’m just one simple person. I own a business but what can I do?

What can my business do?

The problem is too big and I’m just one simple person."

Well, hold on to that thought for a second. I've got a story I want to share with you.

Here's a story about a young girl and a starfish.

One day, a man was walking along the beach, enjoying the morning sun and cool breeze from the ocean.

Suddenly, far off in the distance, he saw what looked like someone dancing on the beach.

But as he drew closer, the man noticed that it was a little girl picking up starfish from the shore and tossing them back into the ocean.

As he approached the girl, he paused for a moment, kind of puzzled, then asked, "Young lady - why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?"

And she replied… "Well, the sun is up, and the tide is going out. If I leave these starfish on the beach, the sun will dry them up and they will die."

And the man said “But there are thousands of starfish washed up all along this beach for miles!

You can’t possibly make a difference!"

The young girl thought for a moment, then slowly leaned over, and carefully picked up another starfish from the sand.

And with the starfish in hand, she turned to the man and gently said "You may be right, but it’ll make a difference to this one!"

And with that, she threw the starfish as far as she could back into the ocean.

Two lessons we can learn from this story are:

  • “It is so easy to become overwhelmed when you look around and see all that needs to be done in response to Climate Change.

    It can make you feel helpless and you may ask yourself "how can we possibly make a difference?".

    But this story shows that you CAN make a difference...one act, one task, one project, one deal, one starfish at a time!”

  • You do not have to wait until you get permission from someone else to make a difference.

This one individual girl took bold action and started making a difference by helping beached starfish get back to their homes in the ocean.

One person can make a difference.

Another reason I created the podcast is to remind people they can make a difference.

Everyone’s contribution matters.

Every starfish we throw back in the sea matters.

Everything they can do to tend the garden in front of us, matters.

Large and small efforts, matter.

This Podcast is a No-Whining Zone



WORDS, and ACTIONS Allowed.

This podcast is for

Entrepreneurs willing to do the impossible
with No Certainty of Success.

Innovate and implement

one Starfish Solution at a time
here in "the Garden in Front of Us."

In this podcast I interview entrepreneurs

who are directly or indirectly having a positive impact

on Climate Change and Regeneration.

I also interview people who can

help entrepreneurs grow their business

so they can increase their reach.

The goal is to find good solutions

and help scale them quickly.

So bottom line, this podcast explores new ways

entrepreneurs can use their superpowers to

Make a Living and Make a Difference

in the Climate Change Era


We are publishing TWO podcast episodes every week. It comes out every Monday and Thursday at 3 am EST.

I look forward to you tuning in every Monday and Thursday any time after 3 am. (EST). That’s when they will be ready for you.

Because we are a new podcast and just getting our feet wet, the length of each episode will vary.

Each episode will be between 20-90 minutes long. Our goal is to deliver valuable content to you. The length of each podcast is based on the time availability of the guest we interview and the content we are providing.

But that could change.

It depends on you, our audience. Your feedback will guide us.

If you are OK with the length of each episode varying, we’ll keep producing episodes between 20-90 minutes long.

If You Only Want Short Episodes, we’ll focus on that.

If You Only Want Long Episodes where we can dive deep into a topic, we’ll focus on that.

Just let us know what you prefer.

Tell us what's on your mind.

Let us know how long you like the episodes to be AND let us know if there are topics you want us to cover.

Let us know if you prefer issues related to mitigation, adaptation, or regeneration?

Let us know if you just want to find out how you can grow your business regardless of Climate Change issues.


In conclusion, I just want to say…The world is changing very fast.

Our response to Climate Change tsunamiwill require countless solutions from all areas of society on a global scale.

These solutions will need to come from government programs, individual efforts, AND entrepreneurs.

The response to the Climate Crisis needs all of us. 

We cannot wait for all the world governments to take action on Climate Change.

We entrepreneurs need to step up and take responsibility.

Like the song “Wise Enough” says: “we have a chance to make a difference until our dying day.”

We have a chance to do something that’s insanely impossible.

We have a chance to have a huge impact on the quality of life for generations to come.

We have a chance to do whatever we can to innovate and implement strategies that will slow down and reverse Climate Change.

We must do what we can to avoid rising sea levels, biodiversity collapse, and climate breakdown.

We must do what we can to adapt to whatever changes Climate Change brings our way.

It won’t be easy.

The challenge is enormous.

We will need to overcome incredible odds.

Victory is uncertain.

But this work must be done.

For the sake of Future Generations and for the Health of this Planet.

The Challenge

We all want our life to have

meaning beyond the money we make and

the products and services we sell.

We all want our life to be based on

a deep rooted purpose.

We all want to leave a positive legacy.

Using your business to have a positive impact on Climate Change

is truly a legacy worth leaving future generations.

What better, more fulfilling, legacy is there than to work on

the Largest Problem to Face Our Generation?

It’s time now to roll up our selves and do the right thing.

If you are a business owner, this podcast is your invitation to do the impossible.

This podcast is your invitation to step up, do the right thing, take action, and make a difference.

The question is: Do you accept this invitation?

Or should I say “this Challenge.”

Do you accept this Challenge? This impossible Challenge?

Are you ready to join a tribe of entrepreneurs who want to innovate, implement, and scale solutions to get us out of this Climate Change mess?

If so, then book a Half-Day Consult and we can discuss how you can grow your company and thus increase your positive impact on Climate Change.


Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Formulators

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