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Jim Chats with...

Peter Fiekowsky

Episode 001

July 17, 2023

Climate Restoration is an Idea Whose Time has Come

How can two crowdfunded projects restore the climate and what can you do to help?

Listen to this episode to find out how an astrophysicist became a climate activist.

In this Eco Scale Radio episode, Peter Fiekowsky, an MIT-trained physicist, discusses his plans to restore the climate condition to a safe climate zone* by implementing two simple, powerful, practical, affordable, crowdfunded, and scientifically-grounded projects that work with nature.

You’ll also discover how you can help get them implemented.

* the kind of healthy climate humankind has flourished under for ten thousand years.

“We need to duplicate what nature has done.”

- Peter Fiekowsky

Who is Peter Fiekowsky?

Peter Fiekowsky is making Climate Restoration an idea whose time has come.

Peter Fiekowsky, author of Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race (2022), is an MIT-educated physicist and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, social innovator, author, and philanthropist with 27 patents.

He has 30 years’ experience as a citizen lobbyist for poverty and climate issues, and over the past decade has been working to build the organizations required to ensure the survival and flourishing of humanity.

Fiekowsky’s mission in life is “to leave a world we’re proud of to our children.”

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Guest Resources

Foundation for Climate Restoration.
Launched in 2017 to work with top scientists, innovators, policymakers, and others, to create the understanding and policy needed to further climate restoration. Our mission is to remove the excess CO2 from our atmosphere by 2050 to restore a climate that supports the long-term survival of humanity and our natural world.

Climate Restoration Project (a non-profit in development at the time of this recording)

This non-profit will use crowdfunding to finance the implementation of two climate restoration projects described in this podcast episode:

  • Restoring the oceans with iron fertilization

  • Enhancing the atmosphere with methane oxidation

The goal for two projects is to restore the climate to a safe climate zone by using scientifically-grounded strategies that work with nature.

No website available for this project at the time of this interview.

You can support Peter Fiekowsky’s team on the Climate Restoration Project by visiting and signing up for their mailing list. They will keep you informed on the latest news related to the Climate Restoration Project.

Additional Peter Fiekowsky related links:

Peter Fiekowsky’s - LinkedIn Profile

Peter Fiekowsky’s - Website - includes news on Peter’s book Climate Restoration and organizations he has built.

Value Bombs

1) We need to shift from stabilizing the climate to restoring it.

2) All the activity we are doing publicly is NOT going to restore the climate. It won’t reduce the CO2 levels. It’s designed to stabilize them. In the 1990s stabilizing made sense. In the 2020’s we need to restore and stabilize.

3) We need to keep our ecosystems healthy AND get the CO2 out of the atmosphere.

4) Peter’s team is currently focused on two affordable science-based projects to cool the planet:

  • Restoring the oceans with Ocean Iron Fertilization. (which is 30,000 times cheaper than Direct Air Capture)

  • Enhancing the atmosphere with Methane Oxidation. (which is almost as effective as Ocean Iron Fertilization)

5) Peter is using crowdfunding to finance his Climate Restoration projects.


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Show Notes - Episode Outline

Peter’s journey from astrophysics to climate change

Definition of Climate Restoration

Impact of iron in the oceans on CO2

Two Projects Peter is Focused on to Cool the Planet Since the Publication of His Book

Ocean Iron Fertilization is 30,000 times cheaper than Direct Air Capture

Methane Oxidation is a natural process almost as effective as Ocean Iron Fertilization

Benefits of Climate Restoration: cool the planet, reduce the monster hurricanes, droughts, that we have had recently but did not have at the beginning of this century.

Methane burst from permafrost melting

Loss of the Artic ice cap

Benefits of climate restoration projects that work with nature

What is the cost of Peter’s Climate Restoration projects.

How long will it take to restore the climate

Who is the customer for restoring the climate?

Plan A: Ocean Iron Fertilization and Methane Oxidation

Plan B: Synthetic Limestone

Plan C: Seaweed Farming

The Real Cost of Direct Air Capture ($300-$1,000 per ton)

The Cost of Ocean Iron Fertilization (1-3 cents per ton)

The US Government has set aside $6B for Direct Air Capture

We need to keep our ecosystems healthy AND get the CO2 out of the atmosphere.

How Can People Support Peter’s Climate Restoration projects?

Comparing the call for Climate Restoration to JFK Moonshot Landing on the Moon speech

Last Thoughts: The need to move fantasy ideas to a designed future

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